Lydia StantonLCSW


When I was young, my father inscribed in a book he gave me: “To my daughter, who is always looking for the “ghost in the machine.” I understand that to mean that humans are biological beings (the “machine” or the body) that also have consciousness (the “ghost”). We are self-aware and embody our thoughts, feelings and sensations. I was fascinated with ideas about what makes us tick.

I wanted to understand people and how and why we suffer and what helps us overcome adversity.


I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) that gave me the education and training to become a licensed professional psychotherapist (LCSW). The majority of my practice is treating people with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, addictions, eating disorders and problems in relationships, and job or career transitions. We look at your past as it relates to the present and we think about the future you want to see for yourself. I have experience with cultural diversity, sexual and gender orientation, and I care about when and where you have felt left out or treated unfairly.

I studied eastern philosophy and practices. I took my first mediation course and yoga class when I was in high school. Fast–forward: I still have a yoga practice and am a student of The Skillful Meditation Project. I have had training in mindfulness meditation and Buddhist psychology and their application to psychotherapy. I

have experienced what acceptance, self-compassion, and being more present can mean in our day-to-day lives. Many clients give me feedback that they feel accepted by me without judgment, and they feel my compassion towards them. I learned how to uncover these positive human qualities within myself. And so can you.


East Meets West Counseling and Psychotherapy is the culmination of my journey. I bring this passion to my work with you. I want to understand what your life experience is. I want to know what is important to you. We can work on treating the conditions, healing the wounds, solving the problems, and enhancing your strengths. Let’s discover solutions that fit you and your lifestyle.

You now know about me. I’d like to know about you. You can begin or continue your journey at any time. Why not call now?

At East meets West, you will begin to use the mind to change your brain, and our relationship to heal your heart.