Eastern psychology says that we all have within us basic goodness, wisdom and compassion. We can lose sight of this, if we ever saw in ourselves this goodness at all. Understanding our own minds and the nature of life can help us uncover these positive qualities.

“The work we do on ourselves, whether it’s psychological, or spiritual, is not meant to get rid of the waves in the ocean of life, but for us to learn how to surf.” –Ken Wilber

Western psychotherapy treats mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. It focuses on moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors and how to better respond to circumstances and situations. People come to psychotherapy concerned with many of life’s most difficult problems. Psychotherapists have different approaches and methods in how they deliver what is often termed “talk therapy.”

“Words are not simply an expression of the self; they help to create the self. In struggling to say what we are, we become what we say.” -- Thomas S. Kane

Where East Meets West the eastern and western forms of psychotherapy overlap, blending the most current treatment methods with ancient practices and wisdom. While non-religious, some consider the work to be both psychological and spiritual. It is solution-focused, exploratory and contemplative.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us.” --David Richo

At East meets West, you will begin to use the mind to change your brain, and our relationship to heal your heart.